One framework. All the skills.

Experiment. Practice. Plan. Hunt.

  • Master the fundamentals of hunting

  • Plan any hunt or season

  • Pick the right gear and know how to use it

Harvest Wild Meat & Put a Trophy on Your Wall

Get processes and procedures to help you master the art and science of rifle hunting.
diagram of the efficient hunting framework

Six universal hunting pitfalls

Few hunting concepts are complex, but piecing them together takes time if you don't have a plan. I've come across at least six universal pitfalls that you must avoid.

  • Problem #1 - Information Overload

  • Problem #2 - Missing or Wounding Animals

  • Problem #3 - Flying Behind The Plane

  • Problem #4 - Gear I didn't need or didn't bring

  • Problem #5 - Not Practicing Enough

  • Problem #6 - Switching Off or Not Switching On

6 Universal Hunting Problems

Watch this video for more detail

Enter The Efficient Hunting Framework

Leapfrog. Avoid the pitfalls. Stay calm. Act fast and effortlessly.

  • A structure and procedures to help you develop and apply skills faster

  • Learn to read the situation in the field so you can think faster and act faster

  • Master all aspects of rifle hunting (fundamentals, planning, and gear)

  • Avoid the six universal hunting problems with a toolbox of models

4 key components

Avoid the 6 problems and set yourself up for success when hunting.

I'm here to help you.

Hunting is a force for good in nature. When done right.

That's why I've made it my mission to help you become a Steward of nature. Which includes becoming an Efficient Hunter.

3 reasons I'm well-suited to help you

  • "Download" 30 years of hunting

    Learn from the mistakes I've made and seen being made when hunting on three continents, recreationally, and as part of a commercial deer management outfit.

  • Experienced rifle instructor

    I'm certified by the Danish Environmental Agency and have experience turning civilians into competent riflemen and experts with light infantry weapons (completed my national service as an infantry sergeant).

  • Process optimization expert

    Benefit from my extensive experience with optimizing processes and building procedures and systems. It means you get the most effective and efficient approach to rifle hunting.

Speed up the learning curve in 3 steps.

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  • Learn

    Learn the essential skills and knowledge through step-by-step procedures.

  • Harvest

    Harvest wild meat and put trophies on your wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long time do I have access?

    You have lifetime access to the course, which means access to all the content as long as we operate this platform.

  • How are the courses delivered?

    The courses are online and accompanied by a workbook you can download and use as a field companion guide on your mobile device.

  • Are the courses right for me?

    The courses are right for you if you tick one of the following boxes. 1) You are relatively new to hunting (1-10 seasons) and want a framework to help you learn and apply the right skills. 2) You are a more seasoned hunter who feel the need to hone your skills in a particular area. 3) You're an experienced hunter who has booked a hunt abroad or other new destination and needs to expand your range of skills.

  • What if I regret my purchase?

    Don't worry. You get a 30-day full refund option on all the courses.

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