"...none of the “cool stuff” matters if you don’t first understand how to employ the fundamentals."

"Robert Keller (ex-US Army Tier-One operator)

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Standard Operating Procedures for each step in the process

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Avoid wasting time and money

Hunting is not difficult. But you must develop a wide range of skills and knowledge. Information overload makes it easy to make basic mistakes. It doesn't have to be that way.

  • Missing an opportunity to shoot because you're too slow is frustrating.

  • Making mistakes in front of a buddy or guide feels awful.

  • Buying gear you don't need or don't know how to use is a waste.

  • Fortunately, hunting doesn't have to be difficult.

  • You can avoid the pitfalls with a step-by-step method

3 ways to supercharge yourself as a hunter


    A proven method and step-by-step procedures give you a clear learning path.


    Mastering the fundamentals frees your capacity to orient and act in the field.


    Pick the right gear and learn how to use it, BEFORE you go on a hunt.

I want YOU to be a force of good in nature

Hunting can be a force of good in nature.

But we must act as Stewards of Nature. 

Step 1 is becoming efficient hunters.

Read more about being a Steward of Nature (5 roles) here.

I'll help you ACCELERATE up the learning curve

80% of hunting info is irrelevant. I've packaged the essential 20% for you.


    Benefit from my 30 years of experience from hunting on three continents.


    15 years of experience optimizing processes helps me make it easy for you.


    Enjoy the results of my obsessive approach to hunting (effectiveness + efficiency)

The fundamentals of hunting in 3 steps

Easy to use. Framework built with focus on action.

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  • ENJOY - Harvest wild meat and put a trophy on your wall - effortlessly

Free intro course

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